What Does This?

School Bus GPS Tracking

As a parent you are constantly worried about your child’ safety and remain on the edge until he returns home or reaches school. The Locate School Bus GPS tracking app is a simple solution to all your worries. Locate School Bus is a platform that helps guardians and parents locate their child’ school bus and ensure their safety. This framework is fuelled by a GPS tracking system that helps track the exact location of the school transport carrying your child. Locate School Bus is a useful and effective app that helps keep an eye on child’s well-being.

Our live view school transport locator indicates parents and school authorities, where the school bus is along the course and expected arrival time at each transport stop. Transport staff can also send out messages and warnings to guardians through message and alerts centre.


Transport staff and school authorities can access important data that gives information about transport stops, extra vehicle data, and screen on-time execution.


The main objective of the Locate School Bus app is to ensure your family’s security. We work with your residence area and the school to form a protected environment for your child. Our app only allows school authorities, transport staff, and parents to access the platform. We will never share or disperse any private confidential information to other private transport travellers.

Perfect With Any Fleet

School Bus GPS Tracking App; Locate School Bus, best gps tracking app works with any GPS provider, android device and any transportation system. All you need is an android device that is GPS enabled and your Locate School Bus app is ready to be installed.

The Solution

To make things less complicated and user friendly, we created the Locate Bus School App that can be accessed in any location. Our application instantly alarms our guardians when their child’s school transport is nearly close to the pick-up and drop points. The amazing benefit of this app is that it can be viewed at ease on a PC, mobile phone, or tablet. The push and email notifications of this app helps parents understand the exact location of their child and can track them down through the school transport.

Put all your concerns and worries to ease. Rest assured! Your little one is safe in our hands! You can continuously monitor their safety and remain at peace.