09 Mar 18

What Is School Bus GPS Tracking System?

The schools are always obligated in order to provide safety for the students in terms of academic as well as they are traveling. Well, it's common for the parents to prefer school bus rather than private buses. One main reason for this is that the school buses are facilitated with GPS tracking services. And most of the parents look for their children safety before they prefer any school. However, the school bus GPS tracking plays a vital role in every situation so as to provide safety for the students. In this to be the sole authority can ensure that the students are in safe hands thereby using the tracking system.

How does it work?

The working of the school bus GPS tracking will also help the individuals to understand the concept behind it. So it is important to understand how the functioning is processed.

  • The functioning is achieved by installing a height and GPS system on the school buses.

  • Once they are installed then it produces the signals that are captured by the central server which provides up to date information thereby having continuous monitoring.

  • After the information has been received by the central server then it can be easily transmitted to the parents via SMS or email alerts or web service or even through mobile applications.


  • Auto allocation: The tracking system is facilitated with auto allocation in which it is allocated automatically.

  • Auto Optimization: The future of auto Optimization helps the system to optimize while considering the ongoing changes in pick up points during the term time.

  • Auto-routing: The authority facility enables routing possible with extra data using the smart algorithm.

Advantages of using school bus GPS tracking

There are lots of advantages of using GPS tracking app, especially on the school bus. One of the biggest advantages is that it provides lots of benefits for the parents as they can have peace of mind that their children are in safe hands. In the same manner, the school authority will also have equal responsibility and they will be getting up to date information about the school bus. As a matter of fact, it also gives the detailed report that includes distance traveled by bus, time of arrival at each and every stop and the can also monitor limit. A transport manager is a person who keeps on monitoring the overall activities of the tracking system. He is the one who is completely responsible to check that everything is going in a perfect way. Some of the advantages include,

  • If there is any delay in the traffic jam then it directly intimates the school authority and the parents.

  • Even if the parents do not have smartphone facilities then they can easily get the notification via SMS.

  • The parents are also giving the advantage to know the location and the real-time status of the bus.

  • Every parent will get estimated time of arrival of their children so it is easy for them to pick up the children from the stop. 

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