01 Feb 18

Upgrade Your Child's School Transport with Locateschoolbus App

Safety of the children going to school is an important issue these days for parents. They often remain worried about whether they have reached home or not? Why is the bus late? But parents do not need to worry about it now because locate school bus app has resolved this problem for parents. Now the parents will be able to check the location of the bus. This is a onetime solution for all the worries and tensions of the parents. It is actually a mobile app, which needs installation on your mobile phone. This app not only relaxes the worries of parents but also helpful for the school transport management system. So the need is, not to worry about your child, just upgrade your child’s school transport with the locate school bus app.

How does it work?

It is actually a tri-app solution. Three apps are working together inside it, which includes parents of the students, admin and attendants i.e., school transport management system. Location of the bus is captured by this app and shared with parents as well as a school transport management system. This app is installed by bus attendants on his phone and contacts of all the students are added using Quick Response code. All the activities of the students in the bus are also recorded by this App. The school transport management system can use it anytime as when required in case of emergency.

How can the location of the bus be accessed?

Before getting access to this app, parents need to get their mobile number verified. Once the number is verified, there will be an option on the map for “Bus on Map”, by clicking on its location of the bus can be traced very easily. This app not only gives us exact location but also can search for a distance of the bus. There is another option named “Child in bus”, using which you can detect whether your child is by bus or not. Parents who are not using android phones can get information about their child by giving a missed call to the attendant.

Thus this locate school bus app is not only helpful for parents, it is also helpful for the school management transport system, which is responsible for child’s security. So now the time is not to worry about your child, but just connect with this app and always have a look at your child’s transport.

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