16 Feb 18

Top 5 Things You Must Have in Your Locate School Bus Mobile App


This article will explain the top five things which one must have in “locate mobile school application”. Locate mobile school application is a kind of software where the parents and the school authorities are kept in constant touch with each other. The main highlights of this application are the real-time school bus tracking system, school bus fleet management, classroom monitoring, attendance monitoring and school bus tracking system. All these software are needed for the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of the trio, the students, parents and school authorities.

Real-time School bus tracking

Starting with the real-time school bus tracking system and the school bus tracking system. This system is mostly for the highly busy parents who will use this for the scheduling their activities and strike a balance between the household work and child-related work, for instance, picking up a child from a bus stop or wherever the bus travels. This software will tell the exact location of the bus provided the internet connections in both the devices are working correctly.

School bus fleet management and usefulness to school authorities

School bus fleet management is used for the school authorities for managing many buses according to the routes and number of children in each bus. The primary benefit of this type of software is to save on time and added transaction costs which follow if these kinds of software are not there. The students also get to reach home early and they can carry out the extra-curricular activities as per their choice without getting exhausted and wasting their time.

Some software for helping parents

Classroom and attendance monitoring are two software which is solely for the benefit of parents who wish to keep a constant check on their wards in order to enhance their performance in the academic area. Classroom monitoring would entail a system where the online real-time view of the classroom would be there and the attendance monitoring would give a monthly report to the parents telling about the classes in which the student was absent and classes in which the student was present.

All these recommendations for the application also focus on the safety aspect as they will let the school authorities know about the position of the bus and students if there is any mishap during the journey from school to respective homes or vice versa.


These are only some of the many important software needed for the increasing the transparency between school and parents which will also ensure the overall development of the students. The school should focus on overall development of the child and for that technical personnel shall be called to give an expert advice for the introduction of technology. A group of personality development staff and other experts should be called on the panel who can work with the above group so as to develop a framework for designing the curriculum.

Therefore it is the need of the hour to develop and bring forth any such technology for benefit of all.

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