19 Feb 18

The Top 5 Technology Mistakes The Schools Make



“It’s time to be Tech Savy”, this saying goes not only for today’s generation but also for an old generation living in today’s time. It includes every part of the society especially the schools as they are the building blocks of the child’s brain. However, the premise on which this article is based is what 5 technologies which the schools have not used are.


Nowadays school uses the e-learning model which includes installation of a monitor and projector, which displays the contents of the subject and is intended to teach the student. However, the model seems to be non-productive as it cannot explain in many ways as there is no real time tutor. Thus if there is an introduction of a real-time tutor, that would help to a great extent.

Secondly, the school authorities should find out a way to minimize the ruckus created during dispersal timings when the students are looking out of buses. They need a school bus fleet management system where a particular bus will mention the name of students and route on which it will travel so that there is both efficiency and low transaction costs example fuel costs.

The third recommendation would be the introduction of a real time school bus tracking system which will aid parents to schedule their activities and also carry out the necessary child-related work, for instance, picking up a child from bus stops.

School bus routing software is another major recommendation which can also help the parents in cases where the parents wish to receive the child at a different location so they can send directions to the school bus driver through the application and can accordingly call the bus to the required place.

The school should focus on research related studying where some time should be given to the students for research on the topic and for that laptops or tablets should be permitted. By this, the students will also read on other aspects and gain knowledge. It should be realized that knowledge gaining is more important than any other consideration as far as the student is concerned and this should start from the very beginning so that the foundations are made strong. For this technology will play a major role but before its use one has to think through and develop programs for students keeping a long-term view in sight.


These systems focus on administrative issues as regards the school authorities and household related issues as regards the parents are concerned. Technology can be a boon if used in the correct direction and for correct purposes and vice versa.

Schooling is meant for the overall development of the student and education is something which cannot be forced on a student. Hence it is recommended that curriculum is made in such a way that the pressure on the student is least and the knowledge gained is more. Thus there is a need to innovate and bring about a change in the education system and education imparting procedure.

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