08 Mar 18

School Bus Tracking System: Why Is It The Next Big Thing For Schools?

In the past few years, the Indian K12 education sector has witnessed much technical advancement. Some of them included advanced smart class technologies along with AV applications, which eventually supported the school management in all aspects. Gone are the days where educational system has been lagging in technology. With the introduction of school management software and other applications, it has become very easy to manage every aspect. There are only a few schools that do not use the management software rest of the all other schools are implementing it. When it comes to the school bus fleet management, it has not found any significant growth in the past years. The GPS technology has been implemented in India since 8 years back, but is not completely utilized in school and is limited to only industrial use. The one main reason is due to inadequate smartphone usage as well as high data charges in India. But now it has become quite common to get adapted to the latest techniques by introducing them in present every school.


  • Tracking the school bus

The primary concern is to provide complete safety to the students, however, the tracking system made this quite easy and possible. The tracking with services has been providing up to date information to both the parents as well as the school authorities. In addition to that the management services are working effectively to ensure the timely response.

  • RFID based attendance system

It is very difficult to keep examining the departure status of the students from time to time. In some cases, there is a chance where the students may do wrong boarding or leave it wrong stop creating lots of confusion for both teachers and school administration as well. However, the situation can be taken into control by the use of the RFID based attendance system. This is implemented by installing a card reader in the school bus and then the students are given login or logout cards so that it is easy to know about the exit and entry of each and every student. With the help of tracking application if there is any wrong boarding then it will immediately notify the parents and the school authority as well.

  • CCTV surveillance

Even the CCTV surveillance has become one of the emerging amenities that have been demanded in each and every school. Due to the energetic as well as the mysterious nature of students, there is a need to keep monitoring their day to day activities. The surveillance cameras can act as the virtual eye in order to have strong support from the school bus management and can also help in checking whether the students are safe while they are traveling from home to school and back.

Even though there are some advanced technologies that have been incorporated into academic standards but still Indian education system has been lagging in getting used to new technologies. However, it is the complete responsibility of the individual schools to take care to implement new technologies.

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