30 Mar 18

School Bus Tracking Software: Improving Safety on and off the School Bus

There is increasing necessity to find student tracking system thereby using tracking software. One of the most commonly used tracking systems includes RFID systems which provide lots of benefits for the students. Which also make sure that the students are always it safe and at the same time constant streamlined administration is provided with relatively few drawbacks?

How does the tracking system work?

Each of the tracking systems is implemented with a tiny radio which enables for both transmissions as well as receiving the signals. This system is very tiny so that it can easily fit into any of the objects such as ID badges. With this implementation, it is very easy to carry every little information of the student that also includes on board as well as of board information. This is ensured by simply matching the ID number with the particular person in the database. Once the ID badges come in contact with the radio-based readers then it becomes easy for the system to start tuning the frequency. Once the frequency gets the match then it is very easy to register and pass the information to the readers. On the other hand, the active range of the receiver is quite small that maybe about few feet distance. So it becomes easy for the device to detect the student within the campus.

Advantages of using bus tracking software

  • One of the biggest advantages of the software is to improve safety on end of the school bus. In addition to that, there are many other advantages that include,
  • With the implementation of the software, it is very easy to check the attendance of each and every student.
  • There is no possibility for the student to pass out of the gate without it being logged which ensures complete safety for the students.
  • If there is an emergency situation then it is easier to locate the exact location of a student.
  • It also enables easy follow up in case if the student fails to get into the bus that alerts both the parents as well as per School administrative

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