31 Jan 18

Manage Your Entire Fleet of Buses Using Locate School Bus App

Security of children is not only a matter of concern for guardians, but school management is also responsible for the security of the children. When students are boarding a school bus from their home, then it becomes the responsibility of school bus fleet management to bring them to school with responsibility and also to drop them at home after school.

School bus fleet management, Bus attendants and Locate school bus app are collectively responsible for the security of the children. A small carelessness can lead to chaos for school bus fleet management as well as for higher authorities of the school. But now no need to worry about the security of the students, because local school bus app is the best solution which can provide a sigh of relief for school bus fleet management.

Relief to School bus fleet management system

With LocateSchool, school management can have a look at multiple buses and their location in just this one app. This app not only provides information regarding their boarding and dropping time, but also provide information about all the stops.

The school transport fleet management system can have look at a number of students in the buses as well. The number of students who are boarding from one stop and the number of students who are dropping at a particular stop is counted by this app. This app also has a look at all the activities of the children as well as bus attendants. Thus it provides a relief to the school bus fleet management system as well as parents.

Ensure security of students

The sole purpose of this local school bus app is to ensure the security of the children. This app starts working with the resident of child and will work continuously for providing information till the time bus reach in the safe environment of the school. This app can only be accessed by the staff of the school, parents and school bus fleet management. This information is never shared with any other party, as this information always remain confidential and can be reused by later on only by the school bus fleet management system, to check the records if required anytime.

As this app is providing its acknowledged service, thus it is surpassing all other apps which are providing these services. This app has become a sigh of relief for parents as well as a school bus fleet management system.

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