28 Feb 18

Is School Bus Safety Responsible For Bus Driver Alone?

When it comes to the safety of school child everyone feels that parents, friends, and teachers play an important role. Even the bus drivers have equal contribution to ensure that the children are safe while they are on their journey from home to school and back. The role of the bus driver has been changing in recent days and now he has become one of the responsible people too. However, it is the responsibility of the school to incorporate a GPS tracking system along with well-trained bus drivers. It is the necessity to make use of such facilities so as to ensure that the students are always in safe hands.

Know the importance of the bus driver?

As already said bus drivers also play a very important role ensuring safety for the children. In fact, they act as a link existing between the school authority as well as the students outside the campus. With the latest technology of GPS tracking application, the drivers are given the additional responsibility of checking whether the students are safe or not. This is also the best way to increase the reputation of the school as we keep complete concentration on the children. In general, the bus drivers play a vital role rather than parents and school or teachers as well. Because every student travels the long distance to reach the school and back home. So proper care must be taken such that the drivers are responsible so as to make sure that the children are always safe on the way.

The training provided to the drivers by the school authority

The school other it also has the equal responsibility to educate their drivers. It is a matter of fact that a well-educated driver can strictly follow the rules and regulations without misguiding them. And it is the responsibility of the school to make them know about the traffic circumstances as well as advanced technologies like School Bus GPS Tracking App. Some of the training includes,

  • Drivers should be given annual driving the test so as to monitor the way of driving.

  • The drivers should have a sound mind and body present at all the time insurance safety.

  • They should also have the capability to handle all the students of different age groups.

  • The driver should also be capable of handling various situations like accidents or fire breakouts. In such situations, he has to know the basic emergency exit and some safety measures.

  • The school authority should train, the bus drivers by giving them a basic knowledge of knowing how to operate tracking system and all.

It is not the only responsibility of the driver, but the school authority must also take the responsibility of taking care of the students. In the same way, they should also make the drivers know about every basic concern. While appointing bus drivers they should make sure that they qualify minimum requirements and process the basic knowledge.

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