21 Feb 18

Can Technology In Schools Arouse Student Curiosity?

Technology in schools can arouse student curiosity in both negative and positive sense. In the negative sense would entail a list of problems such as distraction due to games and other explicit materials on web. But the positive side has many aspects which outweigh the negative.

Positives of technology

Starting with the list of positives the technologies like school bus tracking app, real time school bus tracking and school transport management system, come into action. These three will help the students in many ways starting from reaching the bus stops on time to searching the bus location within school premises.

1} School bus tracking app will help in places where there are many buses parked in lines and the student has to reach the bus. Such an application will help in increasing efficiency and reducing effort on the part of the student to locate the bus.

2} Real Time School bus tracking as an application will help to find the real time location of the bus. In other words the students and parents can start from their homes to respective bus stops depending upon the location of bus and the estimated time of arrival. This will reduce unnecessary time wastage on the bus stops and meanwhile the parents can also carry out other chores of household.

3} School transport management system will be beneficial for the school authorities as such as they will be deciding the buses according to the routes and number of children each bus will carry. It is pertinent to mention here that as an added technology school can share application with students who can just by the way of a click chose their respective seat or enroll themselves for a particular route. The parents can get a notification of the student is opting for another route and they can accordingly pick up their child from that particular location.

These positive aspects can call for curiosity among the students because they are using the technology for a sane purpose. Thus it will also stimulate their thinking for developing more applications like these which are meant for the greater good of the society.

Negatives of Technology

Coming to the negatives of the technology, the first and foremost is the distraction among the students where they don’t use the gadgets for required purpose, instead use it to watch obscene material and other related material.


Schools should start allowing the usage of technology by the student as it will help in getting more exposure and it will also give the student an opportunity to start exploring more, whether it be related to courses taught in the school or other material which may not be taught but is of relevant nature. However all this goes with a rider, which is sufficient measures should be taken by the school authorities like installing firewall in the systems so that children do not get exposure to obscene material so as to cause a bad influence on them or to take a disciplinary action if the student is found to be doing any wrong act.

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