15 Feb 18

Can Technology Bridge School-Parent Communication Gap?


Technology can bridge the gap between school and parent communication and that too in a positive way. Technology has become an integral part of everyone’s life, especially the mobile handsets, tablets and most importantly Internet which connects them all. This article will specifically discuss the pros of having a communication system between school and the parent, some examples can include school bus locator app, school bus tracking software etc.

Why Is There a Need for Technology?

Considering the population rise and rising of the demands of the population, there are a lot of activities which are coming up which tend to make people busy in one way or other, whether it be shopping, cookery classes, office related work etc. Therefore in order to strike a balance between different kinds of work technology plays a very important role. One such balance is to be struck between housework and other works.

Role of Technology in School-Parent Communication

As far as the title is concerned then my views are underpinned by two aspects which are safety and efficiency. If there is a communication system prevailing or is developed by developers then considering the safety aspect, children are quite safe as the bus tracking system will help to know about the position of the vehicle. So the parent can just know about the position of their child with just a click of the button on the electronic gadget. Let us assume another situation where the parent is somewhere outside so by knowing the location of the bus he or she can according to plan their travel to home and comfortably pick up their child, here the safety aspect also comes in because the child will not be left alone in front of the house.

Suggested Technologies

One such suggestion here can also be registration of the children who have boarded the bus which can be linked to an application on parent’s device so that he or she can know whether their child is on the way or not. Bus locator application is also an innovative idea as there can be a situation that child has missed the bus so the parent can just reach the location of the bus and drop the child there.

School parent communication can also include a technology where the attendance reports are given to the parents every month so that they can keep track of their children. Others can include online CCTV monitoring system where parents can themselves see how their wards are doing in classes performing.

There is a need for engaging the technology in the right direction so that the resources are put to best use and which can help in promoting greater good too. The school transport management system is one such good step in such a direction.

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