20 Feb 18

5 Ways For Schools To Keep Up With Technology


Like every human in this world, the institutions also have to keep themselves updated with the technology. Institutions like schools, colleges, other departments, offices to name a few are included in the list. For the sake of this article, the discussion will be restricted to schools as an institution.

5 ways recommended for Schools.

Therefore the 5 ways by which the schools can keep up with the technology are by introducing applications like real-time school bus tracking, bus locator application, school bus fleet management, timetable management and attendance reporting.

1} Initiating with real-time bus tracker which uses the GPS technology to provide the exact location of the bus. This is useful for the parent as they do not have to bother calling the driver or the school authorities to know where the bus is. Instead, they can just open the application and go ahead with finding the location of the bus. As an added benefit this would also aid the parents to pick up the child from any place in the course of travel of the bus to the respective destination.

2} Bus locator application is only for the students per say as it will reduce the effort of the students to find the bus in which they are supposed to travel. This is applicable to situations where the quantity of buses is many and they are students have to search for their respective buses after dispersal from school.

3} School bus fleet management is a software which enables the school authorities to manage the school buses post considering factors like routes, number of students in each bus, the destination of students just to name a few. This application is mostly for the school authorities which intends to promote safety, efficiency and further the interests of solving administrative problems.

4} It is often observed that the children find it difficult to follow the timetable as do not carry required books to the class. It can also happen that some teachers may take a leave the next day and the students have to set free in their classes, thus timetable management application comes into the picture where the students can see their timetable a day before and carry the required books for learning purposes, also the teachers can update the authorities if they will be absent and accordingly the timetable will be set for the next day so that there is no wastage of time and learning can be effectively done by the students.

5} The last is the attendance reporting system which intends to manage the attendance of the students and provides a weekly report to the parents of the student, informing them whether the student is attending the classes on time or not attending at all. This application will also tell how much classes the student leaves during the course of schooling period. The basic targets groups of this application are the parents and the students.


This 5 technology updating in schools can help to a great extent as they focus on efficiency and reduction in human errors, thus making the learning effective which is the main aim of the schooling.

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