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What is Locate school bus?

school bus routing software & app

school bus transport fleet management

Locate School Bus is nothing but a school bus fleet transport management system that gives guardians an indication of the location of their children’s school bus. It helps parents or guardian understand the precise location of when their children’s transport will arrive or if stuck mid-way due to any unforeseen circumstances.

What is Student Rider ship?

With the Locate School Bus application, comes along the interesting feature of “Student Rider Ship”. The student rider ship feature helps track children when they board or leave the school transport, thereby giving both the school and parents information about the children’s whereabouts.

Guardians can also select the email and push alarm feature to understand if their child has boarded or left the school transport. This real time data helps understand the exact location, time of output, and transport number.

Right Bus, Right Stop, Correct Time.

Locate School Bus are specialists in GPS tracking and provide real time secure data to customers by school bus routing software. We also offer various administration facilities and GPS items that help make Locate School Bus the most secure and reliable school bus tracking system. Our applications also helps other private and government organizations to effectively deal with their armadas.

Include solace and security

Locate School Bus; best school bus routing software that ensures complete solace and security to parents and guardians by helping them track their children’s school transport. The new student rider ship program called “Understudy Standardized Bus Pass” will also enable guardians to separately track and locate if their kids have boarded or left the school transport. It also helps transport drivers and admin transport executives’ significant data which helps track if a child has boarded on to a wrong bus or got down at the wrong stop.