Real Time School Bus Tracking System

Locate School Bus is nothing but a school bus fleet transport management system that gives guardians an indication of the location of their children’s school bus. It helps parents or guardian understand the precise location of when their children’s transport will arrive or if stuck mid-way due to any unforeseen circumstances.

With the Locate School Bus application, comes along the interesting feature of “Student Rider Ship”. The student rider ship feature helps track children when they board or leave the school transport, thereby giving both the school and parents information about the children’s whereabouts.

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Connecting Moving Management

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School bus app

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School Bus Monitoring

Features of Mobile App

Optimized & safe school bus management

The Locate School Bus app surpasses all other competitors by its acknowledged services.Through this app...

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Track history record

Each time a parent enrols and requests for transport service from the school, the queries get recorded in the track..

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Guidance feature

The app has a guidance feature that enables first time users to use the app appropriately. There are several...

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Do you want to locate your child while she is travelling to school? Do you want to know where your child’s school bus has reached? Then here we bring you a solution. We have designed a real time school bus tracking system that caters to all parents. Locate School Bus is a school bus tracking app that gives parents and guardians the facility to track down their children’s school transport thereby ensuring their safety.

Locate school bus application gives the real and exact location of the school bus and helps understand when it will arrive. All the data is secure and encoded, hence each parent gets data only about the particular transport their child is riding on.

So next time when you are worried about delays, just download this application and track where your child is!

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The administrator’s get moment warning at whatever point as far as possible is surpassed. Guarantee that your child is off-board in the wake of touching base at the school/nursery. Guarantee that your child is ready before leaving from the school/nursery. Impart immediately and safely with the transport lady, the school and alternate guardians.

Locate School Bus Driver APP help them to work keenly, and amazingly sends all of you the data you require, no understudies cards expected to catch the In-Bus Attendance and send guardian’s warnings.

Locate School Bus is an inventive answer for deal with an outsourced armada, and to control your blind side, guardian’s can utilize it to guarantee the sheltered driving of their private drivers or autonomous transporters.

Studies affirm that having the school transport benefit observed enhances well being and lessens mishaps rates. Cut out the bothers in the school transport benefit, encourages correspondences and increment guardian’s fulfilment. Our App significantly helps the transport drivers and the transport ladies in their day by day work, it enables them to work more quick witted.